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Accelerate Away

Intensive Reality Check for Digital Entrepreneurs

by Games Capital

Games Capital is made up of people who regularly receive business plans particularly focused in digital and interactive media and tech, web and games and who are asked to help with their implementation by investing or sponsoring applications to VCs and other funders. Between the associates working on this programme we have extensive contacts whom we can call on to become involved.

There are many potential ways entrepreneurs can progress their businesses, which involve doing the things they believe in and have passion for. There are also many ways in which they can be assisted. Many of these offerings whether public or private, involve little or no feedback from potential investors. Increasingly, some of these remedies involve being located in certain cities, regions, or countries to access local benefits, and shoe-horning strategies to fit qualifying criteria – such as public funding or subsidized services; this can be useful but tend to overlook the deeper dynamics of running robust businesses, particularly in fast growing sectors such as digital and interactive media.

Games Capital associates have come up with a cost and time effective proposal which we believe will assist entrepreneurs in the interactive industries, reality test, help modify where necessary, and develop and especially implement strategies which deliver optimal outcomes.

We offer a simple program in the form of a ‘retreat’ for entrepreneurs who favour a more focused and intensive approach to raising funds and or reality checking their existing businesses, and which helps navigate the many fast evolving digital opportunities.

The Program

A one week residential, that maybe will sometimes hurt, but stay focused on the task in hand – namely, company or project success, in a location that will exhilarate.

Each program consists of an intensive six days with Games Capital associates for up to two key personnel from three selected companies, in which we will: The current core team working on Accelerate Away will be Fred Hasson, Kalam Ali, Mary Carty and Richard Phillips (bios below). On the final day an additional guest investor/entrepreneur will test the outcomes that have been prepared over the week.

Outline Itinerary, Pre-event

Outline Itinerary, The Event

Day 0 - Travel

To destination, pick up at arranged airports (Malaga, Gibraltar)

Day 1 - Familiarisation

Exploring the opportunities and options open to the venture or company and narrowing these down to the most acceptable and potentially successful Company member(s)/ entrepreneur will spend time individually with each of the GC team to explore and define best possible options to adopt.

Day 2 - Stress testing

Assessing impact of choosing the ‘best’ options, which may include current strategies - what strategic, technical and skills gaps, if any, need to be filled or prioritized. Focus on identifying and defining immediate action points.

Day 3 - Closing the gap

Closing the gap between current business operation and future ambitions agreed in day 2. The GC team will work with companies to evolve short, medium and (some) long term plans and tests by which to drive the business.

Day 4 - Leisure/reflection/reiteration/interaction

Day off or further work on any of the above.

Day 5 - From plans to action

From strategies discussed over the previous days each company will now formulate an action plan with specific goals. This may involve negotiations with third parties, role play and pitching sessions to unlock the true potential, opportunity and reach of your action plan.

No amount of lecturing or seminars will move you forward if you do not internalize and have practical, well formed sense of how to move forward. The GC team will work with you to help you with the skills and confidence needed to implement your action plans and present your business whether it is pitching at publishers, investors, or your own team.

Day 6 - How to present

How to present the ‘new’ company, and sell the plan to potential investors, and how to conduct negotiations with interested parties. On the final day each company will present their company and growth plans to the GC team and to an external GC associate flown in to be with us for the final day.

Day 7 - Return

1 to 3 months later - Follow-up

Follow-up meeting at an agreed time.

What it is

Think of it as similar to training getaways you’d find in established corporations. We make it relevant to you and this industry. A tailored reality check. Our associates will not fail to have a genuine and passionate interest in the companies we choose and who come on this programme. If that works for you we will look forward to finding ways in which we can continue to work together.

Accelerate Away is relevant to you and your industry. It’s a tailored reality check with experts who have a genuine and passionate interest in the participating companies and opportunities. If this works for you, we look forward to finding ways we can continue to work together in the future.

Which Companies qualify?

Companies/entrepreneurs we believe have the potential to grow and be funded – either chosen from business plans we receive or from those that we maintain ongoing interests & relationships with. Only those we believe have the right mix of ambition, talent and knowledge will be chosen.

For each Accelerate Away week, we will choose the group of three participating companies (ideally) so that they are not in direct competition, and if possible for their suitability to offer peer group review to other participants, if willing on both sides.

Costs & Key Personnel

Each company may send up to two key personnel for a fee of 3000 EUR – if the CEO role is shared or there are joint founders, we recommend both should attend. It’s of no use one person going off to open his or her company horizon with mentors, advisors and ‘experts’, in a special location, if business partners are back at home with noses to the grindstone

The Venue

The venue will be located in the mountains of Andalucia behind Gibraltar. The venue and the setting will leave you with a lasting experience and benefit for your business from the accelerator week.


The next event will be held in January 2013.

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Who we are

The Games Capital team working on the ‘Away Accelerator’ is a balanced group each bringing specific skills and experience. Collectively the team has exposure to and knowledge of running small companies and startups, business practices in digital media and current trends in investing, as well as a long list of business and financing contacts in UK, Europe, the US and beyond.

Fred Hasson: Extensive career in TV/broadcast, internet and games sectors, in policy and entrepreneur/investor; he invested in Victoria Real, later acquired by Endemol, and more recently was founder and CEO of Tiga, the trade body for games and interactive content developers, and Chairman and Founder of the European Games Developers Federation. He is also founder of Games Capital which draws upon his wide network of contacts in the interactive industries & his hands on experience of start up companies in these sectors.

Richard Phillips: Dr. Richard Phillips is a Lecturer at Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester. He is part of the Comparative and International Business Group and is co-director of the Master of Business (M.Bus) in Global Business Analysis.  He was formerly the academic director of the MBS Business Incubator Ltd, a commercial business development support service for external businesses and entrepreneurs.  Richard has served as a rapporteur for the British Screen Advisory Council and as an expert reviewer for the European Venture Contest as well as in the Investor Pitching sessions at the Nordic Game Conference.

Mary Carty: Culture and arts management background. Entrerepreneur, CEO of Spoiltchild and cofounder of Experienced startup mentor and advisor. Interested in building sustainable business and finance models for creative practitioners and companies. Cofounded BizCamp an unconference movement for startups. Loves storytelling and randomers.

Kalam Ali: Tech investment background & currently with a digital media vc & accelerator. Experienced in financing and strategy for tech companies both established & startup. Tends to get excited about games & the tech behind them. Is frequently found at meetups in London and Berlin, where he is based, deep in discussion with digital creatives.